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At Bulevip you will find the Tipt brand with a wide range of sportswear as well as endless accessories and accessories to gain comfort and enjoy your favorite sport to the fullest, whether indoor or outdoor.

Why wear sportswear?

  • The design of the shoes fit and grip your feet to prevent injuries. In addition, the technology used in the design adapts to each sport.
  • Good sportswear is made from comfortable fabrics.
  • Avoid chafing, irritation and discomfort.
  • They absorb sweat.
  • They adapt to the weather.

If you want more, we advise you what clothes you should wear according to your sport:

cycling clothing

Find the best cycling clothing for men and women such as jerseys, shorts, gloves, socks and leg warmers for the discipline you practice.

Running and triathlon clothing

If you are one of those who prefers to enjoy the outdoors practicing running, trail or triathlon, we also have the perfect thermal clothing and technical mountain clothing so that you can dress from head to toe.

fitness clothing

We do not forget about strength athletes, who can also find in this section the best technical clothing for training in the gym, among which we stand out.

Where to buy Tipt clothing and accessories?

Bulevip has joined great brands such as: Tipt. In this way, it can offer you all its products with the highest quality and also, on our website you will find Free Shipping on more than 10,000 products.