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Vegan Supplements and Vitamins


If you follow a vegan diet, you should include vegan supplements and vitamins in your diet that make up for the vitamin deficit that this type of diet can cause. At Bulevip we offer you a wide catalog of these supplements so that nothing prevents you from practicing this type of diet. Discover them all here!

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For reasons of intolerance, health problems, ethical or moral reasons, every day more people join the vegan lifestyle. In 2017, the report ''The Green Revolution'' was published, prepared by the consulting firm Latern, according to which 7.8% of the Spanish population over the age of 18 declared themselves vegetarian or mainly vegetarian. Of this 7.8%, 0.2% corresponded to vegans.

Although they are not extremely high data, they do show a growing trend. For this reason, we have created this section where you can find the best vegan supplements and vitamins .


Veganism is a diet in which no food of animal origin is consumed, from meat to eggs or milk.

By not consuming any product of animal origin, it is possible to have a protein or vitamin deficiency. Therefore they should look for alternative sources of protein and vitamins, sources such as soy protein, Vitamin B12 or calcium. One way to get these proteins or vitamins in which we can have a deficit, is by taking vegan supplements and vitamins .

The American Dietitian Association says that a well-planned vegan diet is a viable option for people of any age. Although they also advise consuming foods fortified with vitamin B12 or taking it in supplement form (Pawlak et al., 2013)


Although this way of life has in common the absence of meat and fish, the main difference between the vegan and vegetarian regime is that vegetarians can consume foods of animal origin, such as milk and eggs.


At Bulevip you will find a category dedicated exclusively to vegan supplements and vitamins , which will help you reach the daily requirement of protein, vitamins and minerals in a simple and safe way.

We have different leading brands in the sports nutrition sector which have ranges of supplements and foods for vegans, brands such as Weider, Solgar, Prisma Natural or 226ERS.


There are supplements of practically all kinds for vegans, so that the nutritional deficiencies that this type of diet can cause them are covered. In the same way, they can also find supplements to improve their physical activity just like those people who do not follow this type of diet. Below we explain the most frequent ones, as well as the products that you can find in Bulevip with which to begin to familiarize yourself.


These gels will help you replenish energy in the same way that the rest of the gels do, but they are formulated based on plant foods such as fruits or seeds and cereals such as rice. They provide the same benefits as conventional energy gels: preserve glycogen stores, fight the feeling of fatigue during training and prevent it, provide energy, are easy to transport...

Some notable vegan energy gels that you can find in Buelvip are:

  • The High Energy Gel and the Isotonic Gel, both from 226ers. You can find them in many flavors. Ideal to transport easily and accompany you on each of your outings.
  • Oxypro Energy Gels with caffeine. Also available in many flavors and very easy to transport.


Vitamins are the most important elements to take into account when we start a diet of these characteristics, since they are not synthesized by our body, but we will incorporate them into it through our diet. Therefore, although there are foods suitable for vegans that allow them to incorporate these vitamins into the body, it will be necessary for them to be incorporated in some parallel way and this is where vitamins come in.

Experts recommend that vitamin D and B12 be reinforced in vegans since they will be the most difficult to incorporate into the body in this type of diet. Vitamin D will be necessary for the maintenance of teeth and bones while vitamin B12 deficiency can cause fatigue, loss of appetite and even mood swings.

At Bulevip we have a wide range of these vitamins, but also many more, among which we recommend:

  • Vitamins B, B12, B6 among others from Hivital.
  • Viridian's D vitamins.
  • All the vitamins that Solgar offers.


Plant-based proteins are those that are obtained from cereals or legumes. They also provide a large amount of fiber and, in addition, provide less cholesterol than proteins of animal origin. The main function that these types of proteins have in the body is plastic or structural, that is, to form part of the body's structures. They will also contribute to cell regeneration, maintain the intestinal flora and will even provide us with vitamins, magnesium and calcium.

It should also be noted that the production of these is much more sustainable for the environment than that of proteins of animal origin.

At Bulevip you will find the best offer of this type of protein, among which are:

  • Weider's vegan proteins, made from legumes and cereals available in different flavors.
  • Amix's GreenDay vegan proteins which also include digestive enzymes. Ideal for athletes.


Vegan energy bars are going to be the ideal supplement to take before practicing sports, they also have the advantage that they are very nutritious.

They are going to provide us with the extra energy needed on a day-to-day basis and without any ingredient of animal origin. They are characterized by being made with higher quality ingredients than the rest of the bars.

Among all the vegan bars you will find, at Bulevip we present the best:

  • Paleobull energy bars, made with 100% natural ingredients and no added sugar. One of the healthiest options you will find.
  • Crown Sport Nutrition oat bars, highly nutritious and available in numerous flavors. Ideal for athletes.


On the Bulevip website you can find everything you need for your health, whether you are vegan or not. Especially recommended for people who are athletes or who want to take care of themselves.

Some of our TOP VEGAN products are:


  • Weider Nut Protein Choco Vegan
  • Weider Vegan Protein Bar
  • Weider Vegan protein cookie
  • 26ers Veggie Vegan Protein Brownies
  • Beverly Nutrition Protein Complex Vegan Delicatesse


  • Solgar vitamin B12
  • Solgar Vitamin B12 with B Complex
  • Solgar Selenium
  • Solgar Hair, Skin and Nails Formula


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