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Lactose-free collagen and supplements

Without lactose

Don't let lactose intolerance stop you in your workouts. At Bulevip you will find the best offer in lactose-free supplements and everything you need to know about its preparation and intake. Discover it here!

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Only in Spain between 30-50% of the population suffers from lactose intolerance to a greater or lesser extent, either permanently or temporarily due to a condition. Fortunately, it is becoming easier to find lactose-free products and lactose-free supplements for athletes, which make life easier for people who suffer from this intolerance. It is common for lactose-free foods to also be gluten-free, to ensure optimal digestibility for as many people as possible.


Lactose is a type of sugar that we can find in milk and other dairy products. There is an enzyme in the body called lactase that is responsible for digesting lactose in our intestines during digestion. Lactose intolerance occurs when the intestine is unable to synthesize a sufficient amount of lactase during the digestion of milk and dairy foods.

Do not confuse lactose intolerance with the joy of cow's milk, since these people do digest milk and dairy products well, but what will happen to them is that cow's milk will cause an immune system response.

It usually occurs in children from the age of 5 and in people who have some other type of digestive disorder.

We may suspect this type of intolerance if we have symptoms such as abdominal swelling, cramps, or nausea, among others, in the hours after eating dairy products.

Once this intolerance is diagnosed, doctors usually recommend avoiding the intake of this type of food as well as taking lactase supplements. For this reason, it is also advisable to take this into account in our supplementation and get lactose-free supplementation so that it does not pose any inconvenience to us and we can also enjoy the advantages it has.


The supplement must comply with a series of physicochemical properties that allow ease of use, stability and durability for a sufficient period from when it is produced to when it is consumed. Thus, for example, if it is a liquid product, it must be homogeneous, of low relative viscosity and sterile; if its presentation is in powder form, it must have a high solubility and be free of pathogenic microorganisms. (Jorge L. Rosado. 1999)


Collagen is an essential protein of the body that is part of the skin, the body and the joints, however, to incorporate it into our body it is not enough with a balanced diet since food alone does not incorporate collagen or incorporates it in large quantities. so small that they are not enough.

This supplement is therefore recommended for people over 35 years of age and mainly for athletes, since it helps to strengthen the joints. In this way, athletes can avoid injuries by taking this supplement.

We can see, therefore, that it is a necessary supplement for everyone and a limitation such as lactose intolerance should not be an impediment to ingesting it. That is why we can find this supplement adapted for those people who cannot take lactose.

At Bulevip you can find lactose-free collagen, among which we highlight:


It is a collagen with magnesium and hyaluronic acid Free of lactose, gluten, egg, corn and starch, making it perfect for people with various food intolerances.


Energy bars are going to be the ideal supplement to take before practicing sports since they are going to provide us with an ideal extra energy in our training sessions, in races or in our day to day, they also have the advantage that they are very nutritious.

Sometimes these supplements can contain dairy products, preventing their intake by those who are intolerant to it, however this will not be an impediment to consume them since more and more brands are adapting to offer this product also to lactose intolerant . In addition, this variant has the advantage that they are usually made in a less artificial way and with more natural ingredients.

At Bulevip we highlight among this lactose-free supplement:


The ideal energy bars for athletes.


An option with more natural ingredients and no added sugar.


Proteins are the supplement that every athlete needs to achieve optimal recovery and contribute to the development of muscle mass. However, most commercially available proteins contain whey protein or whey protein.

Even so, we can find options that do not contain lactose, but maintain the advantages that exist with respect to these proteins, they are the so-called isolated or isolated whey proteins in which both lactose and whey fat have been eliminated. milk in its preparation. Another option that is usually used in these cases is proteins of plant origin.

At Bulevip we offer the best lactose-free protein options, including:


It is a lactose-free whey protein since the cross-microfiltration process by which it is obtained guarantees that this protein does not contain lactose or gluten.


It is a 100% lactose-free protein of vegetable origin, and with an aminogram of excellent quality, comparable to that of a good Whey protein.


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