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Technical sports cycling clothing for men and women

Technical clothing

Technical sports clothing is the essential we need to make practicing sports easier and more comfortable. Especially in the case of cycling, where all the comfort will be provided by a correct kit. Discover the best technical kits at Bulevip!

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The term technical sportswear has become popular in recent years. The definition refers to the characteristic clothing of each sport. This is because each sport has different specificities that require specialized products in many cases. The same equipment is not needed for a person who practices mountain hiking as another who goes running in urban areas such as parks or who practices cycling, for example. In the same way, the equipment used will vary depending on the people and their tastes or what is most comfortable for them.


  • Technical sports clothing adjusts to your needs. Whether you like road or mountain biking, you need a kit that fits you to prevent injuries.

  • It brings comfort. Good sportswear is made of comfortable fabrics such as cotton or lycra. They adjust to your body and do not cause discomfort that will ruin your training.

  • Avoid chafing, irritation and discomfort.

  • They absorb sweat. Its technology is designed to increase your training and a factor to take into account is perspiration, both for gripping free weights and for your own well-being.

  • They adapt to the weather. There is a wide variety of sportswear and accessories to allow you to continue with your training, hot or cold.


The technical sports clothing used for sports are made with fabrics and materials that allow the development of the activity in a light way and offering a sensation of maximum comfort.

Technical clothing weighs very little and allows the body to perspire in order to regulate body temperature and avoid sudden changes in temperature.


The use of clothing adapted to each sport is recommended for any athlete, both professional and beginner. In some sports, the clothing may be similar, but if we think about footwear, it is important to choose the right one since in most sports they play an important role in the performance of the exercise, especially in the case of cycling .


The main characteristic to take into account when choosing technical clothing is the type of physical activity that we want to carry out and in what environment it will be practiced. It is not the same that the temperature conditions are low (thermal clothing will be needed to protect you from the cold) as being exposed to high temperatures.

You will have to decide if the clothes are better tight or loose. In sports such as cycling, it is preferable to wear tight and elastic clothing that provides comfort and does not cause so much friction.

If you frequently exercise outdoors, you will be exposed to changes in temperature, so you will have to consider the possibility of purchasing waterproof or windproof products (jackets, pants, etc.).

The material is important since you must choose the one that guarantees total transpiration from our skin to the outside.



They are protective garments for the hands, they will be essential in the equipment of any cyclist so that the hands are protected at all times. They are necessary for gripping the handlebars as they dampen the vibrations that occur on the bike during rides, and also so that the pressure that the hands support while holding the handlebars is less. The gloves will also protect the hands in case of possible falls, avoiding damage or injuries since it is the part of the body that will first come into contact with the ground.

When we choose our cycling gloves we will have to take into account breathability and cushioning above all, it is important that in the area of ​​the palm of the hand it has pads that cushion well. In the same way, it will be necessary to take into account the type of cycling that we are practicing since this will also influence the choice.

Finally, an important factor to take into account is the time of year in which we find ourselves, since depending on the temperatures we will have to look for a glove that protects us from the cold or that favors ventilation through a mesh, for example in case it's hot.


In cycling we can choose culottes or pants to practice it. The shorts are characterized by convenience, comfort and utility in such a way that they make the physical effort required by cycling as comfortable and bearable as possible. To choose a good culotte you must take into account:

  • The pad is an important part as it adapts to the cyclist's body and serves as a shock absorber, making training on the bike as comfortable as possible. They stand out for their comfort and breathability.
  • The physical advantages, since this type of garment will compress the cyclist's muscles in a way that improves blood circulation and achieves an ideal relaxation effect to combat the feeling of tiredness and heaviness in our muscles.
  • Whether or not they have braces, since shorts with braces are usually recommended so that they provide better support and less pressure in the abdominal area, providing greater comfort to the cyclist.
  • Whether they are short or not, they are usually short as they improve mobility and are more comfortable, however, the weather conditions must always be taken into account.

In the same way we can find pants instead of culottes for those who prefer a slightly wider garment, but maintaining comfort and breathability. They are usually used in modalities such as MTB, more than in road cycling, for example.


It is an important part of the cyclists' equipment since it will be essential for the cyclist's comfort, it adapts to the body, it is breathable, it absorbs humidity and it isolates from the cold avoiding excessive sweating.

This garment is designed to protect the cyclist's body and protect it depending on the different weather conditions. The fibers from which the jerseys and overalls are made are absorbent, preventing the body from cooling down. It is recommended that they include reflective bands to make us visible on the roads. Normally they will also include pockets, zippers or an elastic waist, details that are very practical for cyclists and benefit them on their outings.

As we have already highlighted, the ideal is for each person to choose their ideal jersey depending on the season of the year during which they are going to use it, depending on preferences in terms of comfort (more or less adjusted) always seeking comfort and fit. well-being during outings.


This garment will protect us from the wind and rain during our outings, not from the cold since it is not a particularly thick garment, so it is recommended that we wear a coat adapted to the current temperatures under it. They breathe better than raincoats, but it should be noted that although they also protect us from the rain, they will not be 100% waterproof. They are the ideal complement so that nothing stops us on windy days.

To choose the right windbreaker you have to take into account:

  • The collar must be high enough to protect our neck and neck from the wind, since it is a particularly vulnerable part under these climatic circumstances.
  • The cuffs must be well adjusted to the wrists, by means of elastic or velcro, for example, since it is a critical area through which the wind can easily enter.
  • The internal flap in the zipper, some have a double layer inside the zipper, protecting from the entry of air through that area.
  • The fabric, some of them are more breathable than others, which is important to take into account when choosing our windbreaker.
  • The reflectors, it is recommended that they incorporate reflective bands so that we can be seen better if we cycle on the road or in urban areas.


At Bulevip you will find the widest range of technical clothing and thermal clothing as well as endless complements and accessories with which to gain comfort and fully enjoy your favorite sport, whether indoor or outdoor. In addition, you will also find different sizes and models for both adults and the smallest members of the family.