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Cycling and Triathlon Helmets

Cycling Helmets

Cycling helmets are essential on your bike outings. For maximum safety and greater comfort, you cannot miss the appropriate helmet and adapted to you according to the type of cycling you practice. Discover our extensive catalog and everything you need to know here

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If you are a cyclist, you know that in addition to quality bike accessories , a helmet is an essential complement to guarantee your safety on the bike. In addition to protecting you, and potentially saving your life, choosing the right cycling helmet can even improve your sports performance. At Bulevip you will find the best selection of cycling helmets from the world's leading brands at the best price guaranteed. Find at Bulevip the helmet you were looking for for MTB, road, triathlon or Enduro!


The cycling helmet is the accessory for your bike outings that you cannot forget. It is necessary to protect you against any fall or blow, it is essential to maintain safety regardless of the situations or circumstances in which you use it, whether it is for road, mountain or city outings. In the same way, the security that it gives you as well as the feeling of security that it transmits will make you enjoy your outings more and in the most professional ones it can help them with aerodynamics, improving their performance. When it comes to cycling, the helmet should be a part of you.


The main function of the cycling helmet is to protect our head against impacts, that is what we all know, however the helmet will also have a series of utilities such as the feeling of security that it provides during outings.

We know that the helmet does not provide us with optimal protection since we go with our bodies completely exposed in our outings, however it has been shown that it can reduce injuries by up to 85%.

The helmets will normally include a visor and pads, which will make it easier for us to go out as it will provide us with comfort by protecting us from the sun and sweat.

It should also be noted that it has reflective areas, so that it will help us to make ourselves visible on our outings.

On some occasions it can even help us to improve aerodynamics and performance on the outings.


There are 4 large categories of cycling helmets which will be distinguished based on aerodynamics, fit, design and aesthetics. Based on this, we will find a lot of variety, however, depending on the type of cycling that we are going to practice, they are distinguished:


In general, they are heavier than those for the road and are distinguished by the fact that they are more closed, which will mean less ventilation, but greater protection, especially in the occipital area. Most usually include a visor that is usually mobile.

Within this type we will find many very different models depending on whether we do enduro, XCO or descent, for example. But the characteristics that we have discussed will always be shared. There will also be mixed helmets that include characteristics of helmets of different types of mountain bike.


Within cycling helmets they are the lightest. As we do not need so much protection, we will find that the rear part is higher, which will mean greater ventilation, which will be appreciated since it tends to get hotter on the road, however, there are accessories such as covers that will cover the back to prevent it from getting become a cold helmet during times of lower temperatures. We will find different types such as the semi-air helmets, which are a mix between the road helmet and the time trial helmet.


They are the ones used for time trials, they are completely closed and usually have a tail and a lens. The lens does not act as a visor but a kind of glasses that will protect our eyes.

Within these helmets we can also find triathlon helmets, which have the aerodynamics of time trial helmets, but will be more compact and more ventilated. In addition, these helmets include an adjustment system to remove and put them on as quickly as possible to make it easier for the triathlete to practice the sport and that this does not pose a problem in competitions.


They are used by those who seek cycling as a means of travel around the city. They stand out for their compact shape and versatility, as there are models that can even fold up. Their design is based on freestyle and they are also useful for skates and scooters.

The aesthetic factor also enters into these helmets since they will be part of our daily wardrobe.

Within this category, a new type of helmet is appearing, the helmet for bicycles and electric scooters that can reach 25 km / h according to the law and that the tendency is for them to become mandatory for all those who use this means of communication. transport.


Accessories are handy as a way to add features and utility to your helmet, as well as to give your helmet a second life.


They protect the helmet and provide comfort in use. Normally, these pads are built in, but sometimes it is necessary to replace them because the original one wears out, tears or loses its properties.


Sometimes it is necessary to replace it for reasons of breakage, scratches, or simply to change the style of the helmet or because it did not incorporate it and we want to add it to achieve the added value of protecting us.


Rear lights are usually incorporated into the back of the saddle, if we want to make ourselves visible on a road at night, for example, or front lights are also usually incorporated into the front part of the handlebars if what we want is to see the terrain during a night out in the mountains, for example. However, these lights can sometimes be placed on the helmet at the rear or front in the same way depending on the objective that we seek with them.



Spiuk Sportline Korben Iridescent Helmet is a helmet that will make you improve your marks and your performance safely on the market, which has a unique design with a mirror effect. Equipped with Boa Fit System, Arrow Head, and internal structure of ventilation channels.


Giro Synthe is a very aerodynamic road cycling helmet, as it has been designed in the wind tunnel. Its in-mold polycarbonate shell and its Thermoformed SL Roll Cage reinforcement make it an efficient and comfortable helmet, suitable for any type of cyclist.


If what you are looking for is an urban bicycle helmet , we recommend the Spiuk Hiri model. A simple design, excellent ventilation and removable rear LED light to ensure maximum visibility even in traffic. Available in black , turquoise and white .


Kask Utopia is an ultralight helmet, specially designed for triathlon. Its breathable padding and quick-drying material make it a particularly comfortable model, suitable for any time of the year.

Available in black-white , or white.

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