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Garmin smart watches and sports heart rate monitors

There are no products from this manufacturer.

garmin-cycling computer WHAT IS GARMIN?

Garmin , world leader in satellite navigation, brings you the best GPS sports watches for cyclists and runners, with which you can easily plan your training, measure your results and evaluate your performance. Discover its range of wearables, activity bracelets and smartwatches for athletes and become part of the Garmin Connect community, where you can find exclusive content.



A wide range of Garmin smart watches designed so that you can measure your workouts in the most optimal and simple way possible. Most of them include GPS, perfect for measuring your route during a race and being able to give you the most accurate data possible. Others are designed to measure fitness or swimming workouts. Most of them will provide us with data on time, distances, calories burned, average rhythms, etc.

With these watches you will be able to have more precise data on your workouts and thus be able to set real goals and improve in an easier way.

We are going to find them specific to a sport, such as running, swimming or fitness, but we are also going to find them for multisports, designed for those who love sports and practice all kinds of sports on a daily basis. These watches will be useful for triathletes too.

Most of them have endless spare parts, protective covers, straps and more accessories so that you can get the most out of them.


This technology is designed to be incorporated into your bike and be able to measure your workouts in a very precise way. With these cyclocomputers, which are generally connected to you, your bike and your wheels, you will be able to know exactly the distance travelled, the time, the cadence, the pace, the distance traveled... and much more! Most of them are going to incorporate GPS so that the measured results are as accurate as possible.



The Garmin range of sports watches has been designed for the most demanding athletes, who know that it is necessary to plan training and measure results to go far. Garmin watches are multisport devices, so they can be used by cyclists, runners, triathletes, and even athletes who practice various disciplines, or who alternate resistance work with strength training.


  • Size: we must take into account that it fits our wrist well, that it is not an excessively large size, but that it does not squeeze us too much or hurt us. The main thing we must take into account is that it is comfortable.
  • Materials: Ideally, it should be made of polycarbonate, carbon fiber, silicone, and any other material that is hypoallergenic. We seek that they are not too heavy so that they are more comfortable. We are also interested in quality and resistant materials that increase the durability of the watch.
  • Visibility: the information it provides us must be clear enough to be able to have the data just by taking a look at it so that it does not harm us during training because we have to stop to be able to see the information it is giving us.
  • Water resistance: essential if the sport we want to measure is swimming. Likewise, even if this is not the sport we are going to focus on, it is recommended that you incorporate this modality so that sweat or rain does not harm you.
  • Connectivity: that it is linked with other devices is going to be interesting because we are going to see how its functionalities increase as some devices complement each other. It will be essential that you have Bluetooth.


Garmin offers you much more than a device, and that is that by buying any Garmin GPS you can enter the exclusive Garmin Connect community or go to Garmin Express, the comprehensive support center with which you can keep your watch always up to date Download the Garmin App now to be up to date with all the news!

garmin smartwatch


  • It provides us with more specialized training: the more data we have from our training, the easier it will be to monitor our activity, set goals and improve ourselves in each training session. Although many athletes use mobile phones to measure this, the data is often wrong.
  • They are compatible with all sensors: speed, cadence, heart rate... since it is a device specially indicated for this.
  • It has a GPS that makes the data as accurate as possible and unlike what happens with mobile phones, they do not require a good internet connection.
  • It is much safer: they have supports or are attached to our body at all times to be watching the screen at all times without losing sight of the road and its handling will also be easier without risking falls or any other accident.



The new Garmin Fénix 6 X Pro is perhaps the most advanced GPS multisport watch on the market. It stands out, among many other features, its charge management system and solar recharging, which extend battery life to times previously imagined; 21 days in smart mode and up to 80 in energy saving mode.


Among the Garmin cycling watches, we highlight the Garmin Forerunner 935, a watch with a built-in barometer and compass to help you stay on track on your longest routes. Among its positive points, we highlight its autonomy of up to 2 weeks in watch mode (up to 24 hours with GPS activated).

At Bulevip you can get the Garmin Forerunner 935 loose, or in the triathlon pack with built-in sensors.


Garmin Vivoactive 3 has more than 15 pre-installed sports applications to help you in your favorite sport. With Garmin Vivoactive 3 you will be able to exhaustively monitor your training without having to connect the device to your phone.
Garmin Vivoactive 3 is available in black, gray and white.

garmin smartwatch

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