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Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate with unique properties that offers you an easy and accessible charge of energy for your muscles. This revolutionary source of energy from amylopectin, which is already used among professional athletes and millions of people around the world who want to improve their health, sports performance or physical appearance.

What is Vitargo?

Vitrago is a proprietary blend of carbohydrates from corn amylopectin, specially designed for athletes. Vitargo , has a structure similar to glycogen and is characterized by its ultra-fast absorption, and its absorption is up to 80% faster than that of any other carbohydrate.

What kind of athletes are Vitargo products designed for?

Any athlete who needs an extra load of carbohydrates can benefit from the properties of Vitargo . While endurance athletes can take it before, during and after exercise for energy, strength athletes who need to create a caloric surplus can take it at any time of day.

Featured Vitargo Products

Vitargo Electrolyte

Vitargo Electrolyte is a drink designed to be taken before and during exercise to provide you with fast-absorbing carbohydrates, as well as electrolytes to maintain hydration. Vitargo Electrolyte will help you increase stamina and keep you full of energy, with very smooth digestion.

Also available in individual sachets to carry and take comfortably anywhere.

Vitargo Pure

Vitargo Pure is a low osmolarity complex carbohydrate-based drink that can be taken before or during exercise to enhance performance, and is ideal to combine with protein for greater post-exercise recovery. Vitargo Pure is available in 2kg and 1kg format.

Vitargo Post

Vitargo Post is the post-workout version of Vitargo, enriched with whey protein, l-glutamine and lactalbumin. This supplement is perfect for accelerating recovery and stimulating muscle gain.

Vitargo Carboloader

Vitargo Carboloader is a corn amylopectin-based drink with zero sugar, perfect to take before and during exercise. It is also possible to take it after training, combined with a protein to achieve a greater recovery effect.

Vitargo Carboloader is also available in 1 kg format, in individual sachets to be able to carry and take more comfortably during exercise.

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  • Vitargo Electrolyte
  • Vitargo Pure
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  • Vitargo Carboloader
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  • Vitargo Electrolite 1 sachet