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Life Pro Nutrition Whey Chocolate Jungle 1kg Limited Edition
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Life Pro Nutrition Whey Chocolate Jungle 1kg Limited Edition

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  • Life Pro Whey Protein Choco Jungle is a whey protein supplement designed with one of the best raw materials, LACPRODAN SP-8011.

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25,74 € 33.95€
+12,99 € shipping See details
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Product information Life Pro Nutrition Whey Chocolate Jungle 1kg Limited Edition

What is Life Pro Protein Whey Chocolate Jungle
In recent years, whey protein has gone from being used exclusively by bodybuilders, to being used by athletes, and today it is also used by hobbyists.

Whey is a liquid byproduct of dairy production.

Whey protein is the extract of whey protein that is sold as a dietary supplement in protein powders and shakes.

Whey was once discarded by dairy farmers and is considered waste.

Life Pro Whey Chocolate Jungle Protein is a 'Complete Protein'
Whenever we ingest a protein source, our body uses those 20 amino acids (individual protein components) to repair bones, muscles, internal organs, in fact, any tissue in the human body.

When a source of protein has all 9 essential amino acids, that is, the amino acids that our body needs to obtain from food, that food is called 'Complete Protein'.

Dairy, meat, eggs, and rare plant sources like quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, are complete proteins.

On the other hand, most vegetables and cereals, rice, legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas) are not complete proteins, because they lack one or more of the essential amino acids.

Foods can have different amino acid profiles, but also different absorption rates.

Whey protein is one of the most easily absorbed and digested protein sources available.

The benefits Life Pro Whey Chocolate Jungle
Although no dietary supplement can replace a rich and varied diet consisting of whole foods, raw whey protein powder can be considered the ideal protein food supplement for athletes, but also for very busy people with a very busy lifestyle. hectic.

Benefits associated with whey protein intake:
It helps to maintain but also to increase muscle mass.

It is considered an adjunct to cancer treatments.

Increases glutathione levels (the most important water soluble antioxidant) in the body.

Taming the symptoms of HIV
Decreased triglyceride levels in the body.

Decreased general cholesterol level, but also increased HDL level (good cholesterol)
Improves the functioning of the immune system.

Increased muscle strength
Helps shorten muscle recovery time after training and reduces symptoms in case of overtraining.

Some amino acids are used by the human body for certain reasons.

Whey protein has a high level of BCAAs (leucine, valine and isoleucine), which are 3 of the 9 essential amino acids and are especially important for the recovery, repair and increase of muscle mass.

Both during sport and after recovery, your body will use a small amount of amino acids for energy (1-5%).

The specific amino acids that your body uses in this case are the BCAAs.

Although this percentage is small, your body will use these amino acids when they are stored in muscle.

When you provide your body with high levels of BCAAs in your diet, your body will retain muscle and the amino acid leucine will stimulate protein synthesis (leucine sends a signal to your body to stimulate amino acid storage) and how your body can do it. this is increasing muscle mass.

Therefore, if you are trying to build muscle mass, having adequate levels of BCAAs is essential to maintain existing muscle mass, while stimulating the production of new muscle mass.

If you maintain a low-calorie diet, when you want to lose weight, maintaining muscle mass becomes even more important, so you must ensure that you provide your body with a sufficient amount of BCAA amino acids in the diet.

Another great benefit of whey protein supplementation is increased glutathione production.

You've probably heard of antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E.

The most important antioxidant your body uses to fight free radicals is glutathione.

Glutathione consists of 3 amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine.

Glutathione production may be low due to the fact that the amino acid cysteine has a low absorption rate, thus elevated levels of cysteine in whey protein ensure efficient glutathione production.

Most of the benefits listed above (adjuvant treatments for cancer, HIV, recovery after sports) are due to increased glutathione production in the body.

When to use whey protein?
Because whey protein is digested very quickly, the only time you should ingest it in its pure form is 30-60 minutes post-workout.

At any other time of the day, you should slow down your digestion, consume it in combination with other foods


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. The expressly recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep this product out of the reach of small children.

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