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Equipment for bicycles, MTB and road cycling


Equip your bike with the leading cycling brands.

We offer you spare parts and components of all kinds for bicycles, whether you are a professional or an amateur cyclist.

Browse our page and you will find: bicycle brakes, bicycle pedals, saddles , cassettes, stems, handlebars... discover the entire Bulevip catalogue.

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What is cycling?

Competition cycling is a sport in which different types of bicycles are used. There are several modalities or disciplines in competitive cycling such as road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, trial, cyclocross and BMX and within them several specialties.

How to improve cycling performance?

It's okay to have the best equipment on your bike, even wear the most comfortable clothing, but you must take into account 9 steps to achieve your goals:

  1. Carry out individual training.
  2. Set goals according to your goals and physical condition.
  3. Learn to rest and get over it
  4. Post workout nutritional recovery. Buy the muscle recovery that best suits your optimal needs. Take a look at our recommendations.
  5. Set short-term and realistic goals
  6. Vary workouts, routes, intensities and durations
  7. Tolerance with your own body
  8. be constant
  9. Be patient, getting results takes time.

What supplements to choose for cyclists?

If you want to know what to take to perform better in cycling, Bulevip offers you variety + quality. Choose from the following recommendations, the best valued by our customers:

Victory Endurance Beta Alanine

It is a food supplement composed of Beta-alanine, a non-essential amino acid, unique due to the special position occupied by guro amino, effective as an ergogenic supplement, thus increasing muscle power and with a marked antioxidant effect.

Beta-alanine: is an amino acid directly involved in the increase in carnosine, a dipeptide found in the muscles and brain, whose release in the body results in increased resistance, improved muscle contraction and delayed from fatigue.

Prevents muscular hyperacidity, inhibiting the production of lactic acid, thus increasing performance capacity and avoiding the appearance of the dreaded soreness.

Good calcium regulator: induces a rapid release of calcium, improving muscle contraction, and increasing training time.

Reduces oxidative stress, achieving greater performance and accelerating muscle recovery.

How to take beta alanine? For 6 weeks take 4 capsules a day divided into 2 doses. From there, lower the intake to 2 capsules a day.

Infisport MG Magnesium Citrate Gel 40 gr

This formulation has been enriched with manganese and vitamin B1, each providing 100% of the NRV. Manganese is essential for our body to synthesize the antioxidant enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which plays a key role in reducing oxidative stress produced during exercise. physical.

When to take magnesium in cycling? Take 1 sachet in the training or competition environment (before/during/after).

Due to its relaxing effect on the muscles, it is advisable to take a single dose just before going to sleep on days of intense physical activity.

266ers Recovery Drink

It is perfect to help you assimilate training and perform 100% the next day. This muscle recoverer helps you protect and rebuild the muscles damaged during exercise, thanks to its complete formula that includes proteins and amino acids, and carbohydrates (Proportion 15-25% of proteins with respect to carbohydrates).

Increase your energy levels with energy gels. It is essential to compensate for the loss of nutrients. Want to make sure you always have the power you need? Try Energy Gel! Recharging your battery will boost your performance every time you need that extra boost.

Where to buy Look bikes online?

We not only offer you: components, clothing, shoes, helmets, glasses, nutrition, supplements... thought of you, cyclist, but now we come to the largest format: BICYCLES.

Not everyone comes to Bulevip, but with brands like Look we couldn't resist.

Why looks? LOOK uses technology to highlight the sensations that allow each cyclist to improve their performance, a result that is expressed through triumphs and the ability to overcome fears and doubts, to overcome adversities and to share one's own sensations.

Choose your bike for gravel, track, triathlon or for simple routes.

Where to buy cycling supplements online?

At Bulevip we have the No. 1 brands in equipment worldwide such as Spiuk, Giro or Camelbak.

Do you need to complete your cycling wardrobe or renew the parts of your bicycle? Look at our new categories of 'Cycling equipment', ' Cycling components ', 'Cycling shoes' and Cycling helmets'