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Fit Food



Fit Food and fit products

Fit Food

Fit Food and fit products are the foods that you should incorporate into your diet so that, combined with daily exercise, they help you achieve the healthy lifestyle you are looking for. Take care of your health without giving up the best flavors with these nutritious products. Discover the offer we offer you at Bulevip!

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Taking care of our diet is essential to achieve our goals, whether it is maintaining our health, increasing our performance or for aesthetic purposes, a good diet is the basis for achieving it. Every day there are more people who take care of their diet, that is why we have created this category of Fit Food food and fit products in which you can find all kinds of food with an unbeatable flavor, with a low content of fat, sugar and calories, as well as to offer us a high protein content.


Fit Food and fit products are based on a diet based on natural products, or through products that are low in calories and fat, but that are nourishing. The objective is to increase the advantages of a good diet together with the practice of sport. Based on this, the concept appears by means of which nutrition is better than food, in this way protein becomes something better than fat, for example. We can find everything from yogurts or bars to cereals and all of them have the characteristic of being fitness, which will mean a reduced fat content and extra fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and above all adjusted to your needs is vital. To make this task easier, in our category of Fit Food and fit products you will find foods totally suitable for any diet or nutritional plan, products that you can add to your day-to-day life and that have a series of benefits, among which are:

  • They are foods that do not contain trans fats, added sugars and are low in calories, which helps regulate our body weight and reduces the risk of diseases related to excessive intake of sugar or trans fats.
  • They contain enzymes, vitamins, proteins and minerals, so they are an easy source to obtain them and achieve the performance our bodies need.
  • They are pesticide-free foods, so they will help us prevent obesity since we will prevent the functioning of our metabolism and our endocrine system from being altered, which can cause an increase in appetite and the generation of fatty tissue.
  • As they do not contain pesticides and do not interfere with the proper development of the immune system, they are helpful in preventing allergies.
  • They reduce the risk of neurological disorders or reproductive disorders.


Fit products are usually indicated for those who want to take care of their diet, providing the nutrients they need to maintain performance in daily physical activity. These products will have a very good nutritional quality that will be beneficial for our body and that will help us to add those nutritional components that we need to our diet. In the same way, they are foods that are not going to suppose a contribution of trans fats or high calories.



It is one of the products with the best nutritional values, they provide a lot of fiber and a lot of energy. The good thing about oatmeal is that the number of recipes that it allows us to make is immense. From muffins, to biscuits, through cookies or pancakes. It is preferable to use those that are not refined or processed and that do not contain gluten.

At Bulevip you can find oatmeal in all formats and flavors. Highlights:

  • VitOBest 2kg oatmeal, ideal for making fitness recipes, can be found in different flavors: chocolate, strawberry, apple pie, vanilla and even cheesecake.
  • Best Protein whole oatmeal in 1.9kg format, we can also find it in different flavors: chocolate, cookies, lemon with cinnamon or yogurt with banana, among others.
  • Max Protein Instant Oatmeal Good Morning oatmeal in 1.5kg format, especially recommended if you are looking for different flavors for your recipes such as donut, white chocolate waffle, brownie, red velvet, peanut butter, marshmallow...


Fit cereals are ideal for a nutritious breakfast accompanied by some dairy and a piece of fruit. We can find them with different remarkable nutritional properties such as those that contain fiber or those that are protein: those with a high fiber content will be useful to regulate our intestinal transit and also to help us lose weight, while protein ones will be especially useful if what we are looking for is that they provide us with an extra nutritional that helps us in our training.

But if there is something that will make these cereals stand out, it will be the fact that they do not present added sugars, fats or empty calories like many others that we can find on the market. These cereals will be characterized by being a nutritious product.

At Bulevip you can find the best cereal fit options:

  • Dr. Schar's cereal flakes are a very good option, they also do not contain gluten. They will provide you with the extra fiber you need in your mornings, as well as vitamins and proteins.
  • The 5-cereal flakes from El Granero Integral will help you achieve a complete breakfast with a great contribution of fiber and protein. It has oat flakes, wheat, barley, rye and corn and does not contain sugars of any kind.
  • Nature & Cie's puffed cereals with honey are the ecological option that we propose. These nutritious gluten-free cereals are the ideal accompaniment to your morning vegetable drink. They do not have gluten, and the only sugar they present is cane.


This bread is usually composed of wheat, soy and seed proteins rich in omega fatty acids, some reaching up to 40% protein. Protein bread, as its name indicates, differs by its nutritional values ​​since, apart from the protein content that this bread entails, it also has a lower amount of carbohydrates, not to mention that it contains healthy fats and is rich in fiber The objective of this type of bread is to provide a greater feeling of satiety, control blood glucose levels and contribute to fat loss, also for the most sporty it is an aid in the process of increasing muscle.

At Bulevip you can find numerous types of protein breads:

  • Weider protein bread stands out for its high fiber and protein content and its low sugar and carbohydrate content. Ideal to enjoy your breakfasts and snacks without giving up bread and with a high satiating capacity.
  • Protein bread with Ynsadiet seeds, its high fiber and protein content will be the plus you need to face the day with energy and optimism.
  • Protein bread with seeds from Prisma Natural is the perfect complement to your meals with a high protein content and low carbohydrate content. The amount of calories it presents is negligible and it has a high satiating power.


Canned foods are characterized by being good quality foods that are preserved thanks to the fact that they are preserved packed in olive oil, which helps to maintain all the nutritional and beneficial properties of the food. It is an option to maintain a healthy and balanced diet in a simple and fast way. They are especially useful because most canned products have a high protein content, which provides very good nutritional values ​​and is especially useful for athletes in order to help them develop their muscles.


You have never had it so easy to carry out a healthy and balanced diet without giving up the good taste of each of your dishes, being able to make recipes, sweets and dishes of all kinds.

In our Blog you can find examples of very tasty, healthy recipes that are totally suitable for diets to lose weight and of course for anyone, whether they practice sports or not. Among the recipes on our blog you can find all the steps on how to make an oatmeal cake, vegan dishes, fitness desserts or juices.

Start taking care of yourself now without giving up the maximum flavor in all your dishes, visit our Fit Food section now!


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