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Avio accessories and potentiometers

There are no products from this manufacturer.

Avio is a brand of cycling accessories created by Darryl Mattocks, cyclist and triathlete, born in Oxford (United Kingdom) with the aim of helping cyclists to easily and simply measure their progress and progress.

For which athletes are Avio products designed?

Avio offers solutions to those cyclists and triathletes, concerned with improving their performance and achieving their sporting goals, since its products have been created in order to provide them with the maximum amount of information about their training sessions, so that they can evaluate their progress and plan accordingly.

Avio Powersense Potentiometer

Avio Powersense Potentiometer is Avio's flagship product; a new power meter, which offers maximum comfort for the cyclist, since the same one that can be placed on your crank without the need for a complex installation.

It highlights the simplicity of its assembly, its high resistance to impacts and temperature changes, its light weight and its long-lasting battery. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable and simple alternative to a cycle computer!