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Bulevip was born to help all athletes in their training with Sports Supplementation and Nutrition, growing every day thanks to the trust of our customers and evolving through the question: "What do our customers need before and after exercising?"

We know that there are so many day-to-day needs that we wanted to offer, on a single website, all the necessary products for an active lifestyle.

BULEVIP MARKETPLACE was born from this idea. For years we have been the No. 1 store in Sports Nutrition and Supplementation.

What makes Bulevip different?

At Bulevip your purchases will be easy, safe and intuitive. We offer you the best facilities to place your order online:

  • With one of the widest catalogs in the sports sector: supplementation , cycling, sports nutrition, technical clothing, spare parts for bicycles, muscle-building machinery, sports electronics, fitness ... and, we also expanded our catalog to: Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Perfumery, Health and Well-being, Fashion, Technology, Food, Personal Care, Home and Kitchen.

  • Free shipping in 24 working hours on more than 300,000 products.

  • Our Customer Service will help you and respond to your queries in less than 24 working hours.

  • First International Brands .

  • A wide variety of payment methods, 100% secure, so you can choose the one that best suits you: credit card, refund, bank transfer, deferred payment, Bizum, Apple Pay, PayPal and Google Pay.

  • Guarantee of support in the event of any incident with external vendors.

  • You will have a Free Return Service .

  • Bulevip Balance Card is a virtual card that you get when you register in our application. With each purchase, you will accumulate a variable % balance that you can redeem on your next order. The more you buy, the more discounts you will have! .

  • Bulevip App allows you to buy everything you need in one place from your mobile or tablet.

  • Our website allows you to: search for products, compare prices , read opinions from real customers, clarify your doubts with professionals in each sector, know the stock, choose flavor or format and obtain technical information on the products.

What brands will you find?

The best quality brands for every occasion:

  • Buy sports nutrition from the main brands in supplementation: Amix proteins or Iso Whey Zero Biotech USA, amino acids or bars Weider or BCAA Scitec Nutrition , Victory creatine, 226ers Muscle Recovery and much more.

  • Acquire a wide variety of technical clothing for bike routes. For your cycling competitions as a Bell bicycle helmet, CompresSport socks, Spiuk jacket, trail running gear or even a daily look.

  • Stay up to date on health and beauty shopping at Bulevip Parapharmacy , ginsen g Tongil , Madform cold gel, Harmony in natural cosmetics, Tous women's cologne, Michael Kors perfume and our brand of nutritional supplements BulePRO .

  • Get the best brands in sports electronics: GPS, Smartwatches, heart rate monitors... with brands like Polar andGarmin .

  • Practice sports at home with a wide variety of sports equipment and bodybuilding machinery such as : Ruster dumbbells , Adidas weights, Reebok bars or renew your fitness accessories: gloves, girdles, AFW mats .

What brands in supplementation and sports nutrition will you find?

We do not forget our origins and Bulevip continues to be a leader in the sports supplementation sector in Spain.

For this reason, we bet on the big brands of Sports Nutrition, such as:


AMIX Nutrition is a leading brand in sports nutrition . Valued for the quality of all its products, in synergy with its various protein flavors. Always concerned about growing and offering the highest properties in proteins, amino acids, BCAAs and even oatmeal.


The reference brand for endurance athletes, 226ers. Its advanced technology creates gluten and lactose free proteins . Its products are made with natural ingredients and components, as well as being low in sugar and absolutely without GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Victory Endurance:

Victory Endurance is the range for endurance athletes. Created to cover all the needs of energy, hydration and recovery in long-term sports.

The brand creates all the products through a research and development team in the United States and Germany, which develop products that meet the latest in nutrition for athletes, and with the guarantee of being free of doping.

What is sports nutrition?

Sports nutrition is a branch of nutrition and dietetics that focuses on the needs of people who practice high-intensity or prolonged sports, such as endurance sports.

The objective of this type of nutrition is to optimize training through diet, selecting the most appropriate foods based on the athlete's goals: increase in muscle mass, improvement in muscle recovery after intense physical effort, etc.

The main basis on which sports nutrition is sustained is the search for an adequate intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients for each individual, always taking into account the energy needs and particularities of each athlete.

Who is sports nutrition for?

Sports nutrition is focused on meeting the nutritional needs of athletes and people with an active lifestyle. Exercise increases the energy and nutritional consumption of the body, therefore, depending on the intensity of the sport that we practice, these needs will vary.

For an athlete to meet his goals (both at the training and competition level), not only training is important. A combination of training, nutrition and recovery is necessary. To help you achieve this balance, Bulevip offers you a wide range of sports nutrition supplements with which to achieve all your goals.

Types of sports nutrition

There are many benefits of sports nutrition, but they may vary depending on the type of sports nutrition and your goals. We tell you the best sports foods and supplements based on your goals:

For a healthy life:

If you simply want to keep fit and do sports on a regular basis, the best way to lead a healthy life is to eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins. We recommend products such as fish oil for its high Omega 3 content and nutritional supplements with a high calcium and zinc content, which will help you maintain proper functioning of the body: reinforce defenses, improve the appearance of the skin and even eliminate toxins. 

To gain muscle mass:

To increase muscle mass it is necessary to increase protein intake, along with specific training and adequate rest. To get that extra protein boost, we advise you to take a look at our products made with high-quality concentrated protein. You can choose between different flavors and formats to take protein comfortably and get your muscles to grow.

To improve performance:

Glutamine and branched chain amino acids are known for their beneficial properties for sports performance. They allow the generation of muscle mass and at the same time prevent its destruction, which makes them the perfect nutrients to improve performance. You can find the best brands such as Amix, 226ERS, Biotech, Vitobest at the best price on our website.

For recovery:

To avoid fatigue after training and promote muscle recovery, branched chain amino acids (such as BCAAs), whey protein or creatine are the best products for rapid recovery.

At Bulevip, you can find all the nutritional supplements from the best-selling brands on the market, with excellent quality and irresistible prices. Do not wait any longer to take a look at the wide catalog of products that we offer you.

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